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29 Dec

Martial Art Question – Historical Record of “Tai Chi Chuan”

“Tai Chi” is an ancient phrase describing the Supreme Ultimate. We have never heard of it being used as “Tai Chi Chuan” until the 20th century. If Tai Chi Chuan is as old as Zhang Sanfeng, it should be recorded in Chinese military and martial art record. I would like to see the original ancient […]


Ritual Dance Gave Birth to Martial Art in Ancient China

The first part of this article, found here, offers insight into the origin of the Kung Fu form (TaoLu) from the mystic dance. This follow-up on the subject offers a translation of a Singaporean web page named “Chinese Martial Art Was Passed Down By Divine Ritual, 中華武術是神傳文化.” After reading the first paragraph, it is is clear that that Seven Mountains Kung Fu is not […]

15 Dec

The Kung Fu Form: Tao Lu (Kung Fu) / Kata (Karate)

Mystic Kung Fu (Yu Bu 禹步): There is a legendary figure in Chinese history named DaYu, which means Yu the Great. He is most well known for saving China from constant flooding. It is not well known, however, that this king was a practitioner of shamanic art and ritual dance. He himself invented what could […]

11 Dec

Monkey Martial Art / Kung Fu

Monkey Martial Art The ancient Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu body-language is based upon the Wudao dance-like movement and is a practical capacity for acquiring the realistic martial art of self-defense. Learning the Kung Fu animal-forms (Kuen Fat/Chuan Fa/Kata/Quyền Pháp/Chuan Fa) isn’t enough, one should know how to apply it. But it’s truly and […]