Monthly Archives: January 2016

25 Jan

Martial Art Philadelphia Kung Fu Thesis Part 1

There have been many books and intellectual writings on most martial arts throughout the centuries. Many of these come in the form of training manuals, lineage based history, or concept theory. There are also many arts that have been passed solely through oral teachings and daily interaction with a Master. Today, there are only a […]

19 Jan

Lost Mystic Martial Art

Martial art is not merely body movement, but it is a body language, and it establishes an entire body-covering shield, similar to a layer of protection like a fruit with the outer skin. Like there are many languages in the world, there are many distinctions of martial arts and stylistic martial systems in Asia. It […]

14 Jan

Every Kung Fu School is Connected to the Spirit System

I have always been practical and active to prove this mystic jungle art whether people believe or not, just for myself to attain the practical appearance of its. During the time of persisting teaching, thought that time there was any existing about our system in the western society, but I was directly exposed to this […]