Monthly Archives: March 2016

31 Mar

Master Chuang-Tzu and Spirit Kung Fu

Things in universe are different, and the distinctions of terms are just like this. Spirit Kung Fu when just coming back, they thought this spiritual martial art only existed in the Seven Mountains area of southern Vietnam, but they didn’t realize this martial movement had been around and stopped right after the Fall of Saigon […]

29 Mar

Qi Jiguang’s Meaning of Fist Form and Weapon Form

  Some certain individual is spreading distorting the teaching of Qi Jiguang all over the internet. Does anybody have any idea about this? We would like to discuss this on our friendly forum. Here is an excerpt from the published scholarly source that we use.     The translation that we are using depicts Qi […]

15 Mar

Overseas Chinese Fighting Art

Chinese martial art has many families some of which from the mainland China might have been altered totally during the revolution. The changes made reduced the effectiveness of these arts fighting applications, and the only styles of the southern Kungfu that I consider true to its traditional form are the Five Ancestors system (Wu Zhu […]

8 Mar

Miao Dao / Chang Dao

According to ancient Asian history, the Miao people are an ancient Viet civilization in old China (now an ethnic minority group in the mountainous region between new China and Vietnam) who once had long bladed swords. Chinese people called these weapons Miao Dao, or Chang Dao. In Vietnamese, we call them Trường-Ðao (長 刀) or […]

1 Mar

Martial Art and Shintoism/Shen Tao (神道)

Some people misunderstand the martial art and religious relation. The truth is that religion and martial arts were originally related filled up the moral teaching in all martial systems in China between spiritualism and Kung Fu. In ancient Chinese Kung Fu it contained most doctrine of mysticism, or a spiritual stage for man to reach […]