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19 Mar

Kung Fu Form and Fighting

Now that a snow storm is coming, I took advantage of the small class tonight to present my secret teaching for sparring techniques. Any move about the Kung Fu animal form has the purpose of training your body memory in order to express your response in any situation that you are confronted with. The form itself is a diagram, just like a Kata or Quan-Fa, or just like a martial dance to improve your capability of using your hands, feet, mind, and body, for all-body alertness. But, the action in fighting does not use as much technique as we are taught by the form. You won’t use an entire hundred(s)-page dictionary in one conversation, but you will use vocabulary in the dictionary.
I call it first-come, first-serve. Italian music on, so you dance Italian. Tango is on, so you dance tango. This art trains our students for fitness but also for self-defense, just like animal expression to any confrontation requiring an instinctual response. I hope people enjoyed my brief class tonight, which I have taught before, but repeated again for the benefit of new students who may be curious as to how we apply the forms, angles, and even in the ground situation. Some may think that Kung Fu is not practical, but that really depends on the situation. Depending on the cooking recipe, I could give you carrot, potato, fish, or any herb… you can use all of these ingredients to cook it into a Chinese dish, African dish, or European dish, depending on the creativity of the cook and the cook’s personal expression.
Seven-animal Kung Fu, which contains the authentic self-defense techniques besides our martial performance or expression or dance.
I hope you enjoyed the class! Students should check online about Wednesday snow storm- if it snows too heavy, I will be meditating at home. Hope all students tonight have some benefit. I love teaching always.

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