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30 Dec

Animal Kung Fu Application

Martial Art Applications: The Palm Strike

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Seven Mountains Kung Fu uses the internal palm strike as a street self-defense with the sharp open palm-strikes, or using slapping semi-forcefully technique with phoenix fighting style based on the Thanvodao wudao, a cat-paw dance-like Kung Fu form, but entirely based on the basic martial techniques. It can be a deadly Kung Fu skill and only right to a point for finishing an enemy in a must-do or dependable situation.

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We do not only practice form sets. Form sparring, literally practicing effectively with a partner by using particular choreographed techniques from form (Chuen Fa) and sometimes with weapons, will benefit a student’s full contact free sparring & enrich the advanced empty-hand methods in the long run. Controlled sparring class fortifies fighting responsiveness and technique by isolating fragments of the Kung Fu Animal forms and teaching them in detail. The techniques can be adjusted to the level of the student. For instance, advanced students will apply the cursive art, and beginners will rely heavily on the foundational linear martial technique. The training helps the students develop sharp precision & accuracy by drilling with light impact power, while maintaining full control of devastating strikes all around aside from fundamental punching or kicking. The secret Indochinese martial system uses the hand-leg martial elements to enhance students quality in a real life confrontation though by itself is an art form.

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Martial art or language are similar in expression & rule. Our animal Kung Fu characteristics are like a linguistic communication whose vocabulary is made up of complex body movements and fighting capacity. May be I should use this as a grammar & linguistic Kung Fu since I can analyze & explain it precisely to our students. It is impossible to know one detailed kind of Chinese martial art as a body language, but how many Kung Fu languages or style in Asia out there. There are uncountable styles depending on each partly arbitrary distinction between Kung Fu body languages, just like Chinese martial arts or dialects from different provinces of China.


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