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15 Nov

Hard Internal Kung Fu in Ba Ví/ Tản Viên

Inheriting the mystic Kung Fu style from the Taoist / Buddhist system, along with the hybrid Shaolin White Crane in Vietnam — these are my professional skill. I love the cursive and flowing techniques, but coming to fighting, I love the hard internal. It’s good for the muscle conditioning, body cleaning, and chi kung. When it comes to the art of fighting, I don’t joke around, and I don’t train flowery Kung Fu. We train under any weather condition, it doesn’t matter if there’s wind, rain, snow, or sun. Here on this mountain I was practicing in a rain storm at an altitude of ~23KM. This area is called Ba Ví/ Tản Viên, and it is bordering China.

The way I teach is not only just Kung Fu forms with animal characteristics. I also teach fighting applications. Learning form without application is like learning to write Chinese calligraphy when you don’t even learn the meaning of the character- useless! Our art does not require a heavy focus on freestyle sparring or practicing with partners, we sharpen our skill with form (Kata), either linear or cursive and with true expression. When the form is ripened, the skill is called master. Working out with form is like sharpening a knife, the knife will be ready when it’s sharp. So, it is important to understand that our forms are not useless, in fact forms cover for partner practice, body conditioning, and realistic situation usage.

Besides the physical fitness of our Kung Fu, I enjoy my daily meditation, which could last for hours if I have time. When I am passively resting, and my mind is resting, it is very peaceful, just like water deposited in a pond. But, when I am active, I am just like a tsunami rain storm. The water element is the same, but in different states, they are very different conditions. Our movement is like that, soft and hard, static and dynamic. I just wanted to share my form in the rain and stormy day in Vietnam.

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