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25 Jun

Quick Comparison of Modern Mixed Martial Arts with Ancient Traditional Art


Master Phan, Martial Art Master, Philadelphia against a brick wall

The mixed traditional Chinese art of self-defense is still extant & appears in some systems whether in our Spirit Kung Fu or regular Seven Animal Kung Fu system. We can’t argue between the modern mixed martial arts or traditional arts of the ancient for any special realistic confrontation based on arguments whether one art is practical or not.

Understanding how the modern mixed martial arts came to such a dominant position through sport activity is based on many factors that wouldn’t be a surprise, but the nature of traditional martial art is still considered an art form with the value and beauty of the form, plus the extent of body moment which leads to weapon’s supreme precision that totally is based on the foundation of the traditional art, as well as in any widespread traditional style such as Karate, Judo, Aikido, Taekwondo…alongside body conditioning, & enhanced with dead-pressure points from Chinese medicinal art.

For me, martial art literally & definitely had been appreciated and related to dance-like movement throughout Asia, but the Chinese martial art is the ancient Asian culture merging with East Indian art to form a rich martial through a visual movement art form. The mixed forms from different Chinese cultures are a result of this process also, but later on many Kung Fu generations are lacking of the practical purpose & only focus on the beauty of body movement. An expert martial artist must know how to perfect the basic skillful quality like strength, form, weapons, & sparring. It is my specialty.

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