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9 Jan

Double-Daggers In The Snow Storm!

Taking advantage of the first big snowstorm this year in Philadelphia, I tried to demonstrate the Spirit dagger form in the park to show that besides the empty-hand form, Spirit Kung Fu also includes many weapons. This is a demonstration of the double-dagger form to share with students overseas and in Vietnam, and also here, to help them understand how the body movement is extended into other weapon. Daggers are the best weapon to practice because you can carry them around. You can use wood, or even just a piece of sticks. Long weapons can be against the law, or scare the public, but daggers may not. Personally, I can put daggers in the back of my trunk or in my back pocket to travel anywhere. I can go to the woods, I can go to the park, I can go to my back yard, and I always have my portable weapons with me. They also don’t have to be sharp- the police won’t bother me because they know I’m a Kung Fu master and I won’t harm anybody. It’s the Chinese art!

Since there were many people around curious about my form, it was hard to put the full expression. I am really shy and people were trying to video-tape me, and also do not want to alert police by being too showy with the weapons. “What are you doing in the snow out here?” And I might claim that I “No speak English” with my accent! My Vietnamese students don’t get to see the snow, and I want to show them the difficulties such as chapped fingers, ice and snow in my face, red nose, and frozen hand! I am Asian and I do my best, but you can tell the way that I am looking around people are curious about the yellow bear which got lost in the woods! Can you imagine the Asian tropical man try to move on the snow, it’s like you throw the fish on the ground and ask him to walk! I am not an ice skater, and I slip around on the wet cold ground!

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