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12 Aug

Soft and Hard Internal Kung Fu Form


I attempted doing this video clip slower to show the moves & the chikung training, Luyện Công, partially as reference for our students. The lower half of my body was cut off completely for trademark purpose since people have imitated our system in some parts of the world. This is not the most perfect clip but it is just to share. Each style has its own art & ways of practice. I try not to self-claim what is good about ours, but with the intention contributing to my Than Quyen folks at home also practicing the overseas That Son Than Quyen.

The technique of Luyen Cong 練功 soft-hard dynamic martial Chi Kung must be worked actively for refreshing the energy level for healing & manifesting the body-heat. This is one of the versions, still performed quickly in this clip, due to the the time limit for loading on YouTube. I aimed at some places here for cultivating the Chi like in the stage of using single finger technique “I Yang Ji” 一陽指 , “Nhat Duong Chi” pressure-point strike, & directing Chi/Qi flow. The animals hand forms are also included in this set. While doing the internal moves, one must know how to direct & hold Chi at certain spots of the focal points on the body for a few seconds. This promotes Chi travel, and one is focusing fully on the wanted target before releasing the inner Chi just like boiling water evaporates. The process must be repeated many times until grounding the Chi down to Dan Tian where it is ready to be activated before sending it throughout the entire body or wanted areas. This is our martial & healing Chikung which can be applied when feeling sick or for physical recovery of the body, known as my “low-battery recharging method”. Sometimes, I apply the normal practice to refresh the practice. Our movements are not graceful, fluent, fancy or pretty like Tai Chi internal forms. They contain mainly slow & fast, Yin & Yang principle of martial forms. I only apply some of these techniques for the ultimate confrontation between life & death situation, possibly using in the street for making a realistic final decision since I do not want to be bothered using Animal or Spirit kung fu skills, choosing instead the hard-internal Chikung in fighting art. This mystic Kungfu form is side by side with the step initiating the moves of Wu Zhu (5 Ancestor Martial Art) ritual & mainly based on calligraphic, dance-like movement which is continuous and directed from the center, reflectively with other angles of surrounding protection with covering moves. When needed on the ground, the form can also be applied.

The internal breathing exercise uses the body as a tool to clean internally through martial posturing as a Chikung (Qigong) practice; it is the best way for me. With these slow & clear moves, I’ve shown the Southern Shaolin stances (low horse stance), “Irion Jacket/Armor” Chi Kung (Cương Khí Công), hard breaking technique “Công Phá”, mystic Wu Dang “Chuan Fa” (Chưỡng Pháp), some parts of 36 continuous hands (Liên Hoàn Thủ Pháp) related to 36 astral spirits, and finally the essence of the Thần Quyền (Spirit Martial Art) related to mystic Er-Mei Pai & normal Thất Sơn Quyền, 七山拳 & 七山神拳 or Thần Võ Đạo of Vietnamese Kungfu. Personally, to say, it’s a real combat style to be used when facing life & death situations. I prefer the hardness & solidity of the Yang, or masculine form of martial art. The cursive or soft Yin part is the abstract Kungfu style that I apply for spiritual & healing purposes. Instead of killing, the art emphasises on spirituality, but also it’s a very abstract to understand its artistic form. Its dynamic character combined with muscle conditioning and tendon strengthening enforce bone columns which is the famous traditional of Nan Chuan, Nam Quyền 南拳 combined with realistic northern kicks Bắc Cước 南拳北腿 with entire body application全身勢法.

For its body coordination of martial drill when you think of training in Kungfu, it’s all Animal styles of exercise with claws & fist, flat hands & moving step by step in fighting poses, stances as the way to look at its forming characteristic. Here, it’s just a form of Chi exercise for body conditioning & martial application of the Seven Mountains Kung Fu style. You can not expect to learn by watching this a short clip & rely on what I practice to compare what you learn from necessarily. It’s a mystic kung fu system in Southeast Asia. A rose is different than a Peony! The distance of the journey is a time consumed depening on how you travel: whether faster by airplane, bus, boat… it’s all based on individual interest. I would take the air plane and expedite my trip, careless about enjoying the beautiful ride from bus, or a boat scene from a ship, or any other means. It’s my Kungfu reference based on individual karma which is all good for somewhat highly valued reasons!

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