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2 Sep

Hard Internal Kung Fu 七山神拳/五祖佛拳

Luyện công & Quyền pháp chiến đấu thượng thừa của dòng võ tâm linh Thất Sơn Thần Võ Đạo/ Thất Sơn Thần Quyền dòng thừa Shuilong Pan từ hải ngoại!

Thanvodao or The Seven Mountains Spirit Martial art is not just merely an art of war. It’s a way of apprehending spiritual and physical balance to live a harmonic life within Heaven & Earth. Thanvodao’s martial teaching is not absolute as a fighting art intending to sovereign the enemies, but importantly teaches us to overcome our ignorance for facing the true or false decision when dealing with life. It’s a middle way of the Yin & Yang principle!

Each martial art is taught & developed differently. For instance, the internal and external Seven Mountains Spirit Kung Fu system includes the animal forms which aim to show and build the body language in the art of self defense; this can be seen or hidden in Chinese Kung Fu Forms or Karate Katas. It’s a martial-health therapy for the quality of life with potential for fitness of mind and body. The Kung Fu master’s perception of martial art knowledge depends upon the sense of understanding of his or her own art. This type of repetitive dance-like body movement conditions the whole body with surrounding layers of abstract detailed movements for the martial training purpose. Integral and fundamental punching and kicking may be confusing or nonsensical to the Westerner who is used to arts like Judo, Karate, or Boxing.  The body language is discerned and interpreted by the Kung Fu master for the students development of precision & abilities, as well as to sharpen the accuracy by drilling with light & hard impact strikes using internal dynamic Chi / Qi power. The strikes are employed with full control and culminate into devastating strikes.

Here is our Shen Chuan (Spirit Fist) training!

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