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17 Aug

How a Kung Fu Master Trains

Kung Fu training cleanses the body which is just like cleaning the house every day to keep a fresh and clean environment in order to prevent the sickness. It also improves the health and longevity. For me, Kung Fu is my daily discipline just like taking care of the maintenance of my body like a new car, prolonging its life. I believe that the human body is given only once, but with a car, you can always replace parts or buy a new car. But the body does not have this chance, and this is why I don’t give any chance for my body to be sick. That’s why, every day, no matter how busy I am, I am still involved with the Qi Gong (Chi Kung) training, and the Kung Fu Animal diagram/form/kata to sharpen and condition the body. For me, the hands, legs, and body have a dual application, weapon and tool.

For me, every day training is very important, just like you can’t miss a sip of water to fulfill the need of the body. The movement and the energy you may cultivate and achieve from the air nurtures my body just like taking in good nutritious food and drinks to improve my health besides the body movement. The movement conditions my bone, muscle, organs, and helps the blood flow. How can you be sick unless you inherit some kind of family sickness? How can the house be smelly if you keep cleaning every day? There’s no way, and that’s why I believe that Kung Fu is a magical thing to do for your body, for the daily routine. Every day we have 24 hours, and you sleep at least some. The rest of them, you don’t have to work for the entire time, but at least give it one half hour to give yourself some time for discipline rather than using it as time for an iPhone, computers, or watching boring TV shows? Everybody does thing different, but that’s something I’ve been disciplined in since I was a kid. Besides martial art, which is a sport to me, something active for the body, but your body needs to rest, so the resting time for me is meditation besides the sleep. This is the Yin and Yang concept, the active and passive, need for rest and need for energy. Just like day balances night, rest balances exertion.

This is just something I want to share with my students who have missed class tonight, where I demonstrated the spirit martial art but the video clip I will keep for secret teaching only, not for the public, because many people can imitate and use our information for copyright purposes. Forms, I’ll share, but for fighting, I don’t, or people may misuse it, just like misusing the weapon because I believe that the body of an expert Kung Fu master is a weapon. The body can be misused as a weapon. So, do your best, try every day, if it’s not martial art it should be running, swimming, dancing, or any other movement which keeps the muscle and blood active, strengthens the bone, and refreshes the brain after being stuck in the office all day.

I wish everybody a peaceful and beautiful evening.

Kung Fu Cat

Kung Fu Cat

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