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14 Dec

Martial Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

tiger martial posture

Martial Chi Kung refers to the use of energy fused with the animal (Kung Fu) fighting form.

Kung Fu is made up of the physical, and the metaphysical (internal). Forms training can and does exist on its own. A martial artist who attains a great degree of physical skill can be said to have mastered the forms. A martial artist can also attain a great degree of internal skill and can be called an internal master. To become a master of this martial art, a student must gain skill in both the internal and external discipline.

Animal martial art is reliable. The hands and legs act as shields in coordinated unison to protect the body. Should these shields fail, the body must be as hard as stone and unyielding to an attack. This is a use of Martial Chi Kung. When attacking, the student can attack with quick and conditioned fists (the physical) or solid ram-like appendages (martial chi kung generates the energy to harden your arms and hands like solid wood). Building on this concept, fast and highly physical attacks wear on the both in both the short and long run. The internal martial artist will be able to fight for long periods of time using energy rather than endurance.

Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu’s form (Quyền) relies on the Chi (Qi). Without Qi ( Khí), one cannot perform the perfect martial art. The five-animal-forms can be practiced dynamically. The hard (Cương) Kung Fu style can be seen in karate’s katas, whereas the soft (Nhu) is used in modern Taichi Chuan. The mutual relation between these essential hard and soft elements exists within internal-external principle. Therefore, Chi kung (Qigong) & the animal Kung Fu art form must accompany each other like the Yin-Yang force. Utilization of the Yin-Yang energy relies on the pervading skill throughout years of physical & mental progress. Beside the art’s provision of fitness, health & self-defense lies the benefits of mental strength for the mind’s power. Thus, the Way (Tao/ Đạo) of our traditional martial system is entirely dependent upon Chi kung / Qi gong & animal forms (Chuan Fa / Kempo / Quyền Pháp) to perform its nature in harmony.


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