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9 Jan

Miao Dao (Long Sword) in the Snow Storm

Miao Dao has always been my favorite weapon- the cross between the . The two-handed weapon in Chinese style is very different than Japanese Katana build. I love to hold the heavy end instead of the heavy blade because the gravity of the handle is near the dan tian, just like our staff form or any Chinese long weapon.

The purpose of the Miao Dao, it’s dual purpose, is whether you cut or you hit with the pommel, or you can hit the person with the edge of the knife without killing them, or you can poke with the pointy part. Every piece of the weapon is used in its entirety, like a whole piece of meat which you can eat without throwing out (using up everything)! You can see the way my hands touch the weapon, each system developed the forms differently and instinctively.

In our system, we hold the blade against the shoulder to show that we understand hard internal and are not afraid of being cut. If you are afraid of being cut by holding the sword with the blade against your arm, why bother to learn the weapon for? This is very different than the Chinese tournament rules which is very similar to Western sword technique. Many Chinese and Vietnamese masters hold the knife edge against their skin, and also even hold the weapon by the blade by showing ability to control the weapon well. With hard QiGong, we can grab the weapon and break it, rubbing the blade of the weapon while we practice is our characteristic of understanding the art of the Chinese sword form.

As an Asian person (Yellow Man) I am not good with the snow, or ice skating or skiing techniques, all I am good at is the Chinese martial art sport, weaponry, self defense. When it comes to life and death, I can use my body as a weapon or extend it to any weapon in my hand. Many opponents surrounding me with a weapon, and I might have to apply. Doing the Kung Fu, or the weapon in the snow is very fun to do for Asian man while many other guys sit at home and watch TV, drink beer, or snuggle with the girl friend. Everybody believes in life and their paths are different, and my interests are meditation and Kung Fu.


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