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7 Jun

Mixed Traditional Art

We are now offering Mixed Traditional Kung Fu Art, which we call MTA or Mixed Traditional Arts. MTA is a combination of all elements of animal Kung Fu, using broken pieces of effective fighting forms. Everything goes, in case there is a confrontation on the street. In MTA class, we will not focus on long, strenuous forms workouts. Instead, we extract from the long form, similar to taking letters out of words. MTA provides a quicker and more effective way to learn, instead of the long program of the animal Kung Fu forms. You can choose to study the long animal forms, or the MTA to learn quick techniques that can be picked up rapidly. MTA requires a partner, but the traditional forms do not require a partner, and involves more controlled sparring. MTA involves takedowns and joint locking. MTA will benefit women and whomever wants to learn anti-take down techniques.

Master Phan, Martial Art Master, Philadelphia against a brick wall

Master Phan, Martial Art Master, Philadelphia

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