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31 May

Why I Prefer the Traditional Art

I prefer the traditional martial art over modern martial art. Though some traditional arts may be too technical or may not work, and the modern art has been narrowed down into more realistic applications, but that is not always the case. Quality of an art depends on how the art is taught by the master, just like a restaurant’s cook can use the same ingredients to make vastly different flavors. A good fighter can use any average or mediocre style and perform well. If you take a sharp knife and go to the battlefield and don’t know how to fight, what’s the point of giving you a sharp knife? Conversely, a good fighter will be able to bring a dull knife to the battlefield and do well.
I have been engaged with traditional art for more than 45 years of my life. Like a doctor, I’m able to diagnose an art by just looking at it. An expert human doctor can use his eye and senses to tell what disease a patient has faster than a machine can, and the same for me concerning martial arts. It is my life long expertise. The reason I like the traditional art is because it shows an entire body movement, just like a form of martial dance. Due to this, practicing the art is very strenuous and burns many calories through its up and down movement using hands and legs. Practically, traditional art is useful because you can practice without a partner using the forms. Forms practice also allows you to take out feelings and aggression and turn them into martial expression. The holistic quality of traditional martial art can be considered an entire therapy, for physical, mental, and spiritual training.
I encourage all of my students and friends to focus on traditional arts, each path never fades. Some people like antiques, some people like modern furniture. They both serve a purpose, but I prefer the antique, just like I prefer the traditional martial art, which has been refined by Generals on the battlefield and developed effective techniques. Just like a Chinese calligraphy by itself has a meaning, but hidden behind the character is expression and deeper meaning than the definition of the character.

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