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22 Jul

Qi and the Spiritual Martial Art

Shen, Qi, and Jing

Living in this modern world, since when I was a young boy, I have devoted my energy to this art and sunk my spiritual purpose into the meditation and martial art exploration through multiple doctrines, gaining valuable knowledge in esoteric Buddhism and Taoism. Whether or not that knowledge should work for everyone, for me it has not yet failed. I do not mind or deplore the confusing or fatiguing challenges to search for the learning of the ancient knowledge from the sages. I believe also in mental affinity containing the courage in searching the truth which relies on inspiration and discovering enlightenment. During the time observing the inner spiritual growth in me, I actually realized that life has taught me its value concretely and I never distressed from constantly receding from the worldly, in fact, it stimulated and hardened my study in various ways throughout undergoing back and forth teachings in order to adjust them and arrange into my spiritual Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu life.

Taoist Meditaton

Hard Qi Gong

Sometimes I touch upon the relationship between martial art and energy (Qi/Chi); it is always an interesting knowledge to know. Without the principle of the kung fu form the Qi would be non-functioning. Why? It needs a body with an understanding of the movement of the art which helps to cultivate the energy. Just like crossing the river with no boat or vehicle, it is impossible to cultivate the Qi without the body. Everything which exists in our life is living with the principle of the lively Chi/Qi. According to Kundalini Yoga (Kundalini energy is also called the green serpent), or Chinese Tao Yin system, the Chi only can be practical if physically enhanced with the physical martial postures or yoga asana. The internal mind is for cultivate the Qi/Chi through the five or seven animal Kung Fu forms. It’s a Yin/Yang principle of the heavenly law.

Street meditaton

The Qi/Chi itself is much obscured, and to have the experience of its original presence, one must have a no mind cultivation to conduct the true state of feeling or vision. Must comply with the feeling of spontaneously projecting yourself from the external environment in order to conduct the inner vision which is something separated completely & perhaps from ensuing the outer world’s original state. When a man knows how to follow the way of harmonizing with nature, he will allow himself to conduct his life of engagement to the spiritual world. The theory of Chi/Qi cultivation in martial art is well based in freeing from the physical attachment to realize the physical magnificent world with the body language from an art that attributes both benefiting into supplementary factors of yin and yang principle conducted by the mind intuitively or actually existing in experiencing throughout year of devoting into the spiritual searching.

Kundalini Energy Green Serpent

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