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16 Oct

Secret Teaching on the Fall Evening

Tonight, taking advantage of the cool weather, so we had a cool class! The extreme, exotic, authentic, extremist, secretive teaching which you’ve never seen this century! If you miss one day, you miss a whole system! Just like you missed an earthquake.

First, we warmed up with the improvisation of the beginning forms. Second, we improvised with the broken form sparring, anti-sweep technique, and the anti-close kick technique.
In Chinese or Vietnamese Kung Fu, the body is just like a language itself. You have an entire grammatical system and writing expression through the body movement. If humans have language in writing and music, it has to have a logic to it. So, by the law, martial art has its own logic but of body language. The martial language conveys your thought, whether for self defense, extended to weapons, or applied in solo training.
The beauty of Chinese martial art is that you do not need a partner- you can train yourself. The time that you do not need a partner, you are practicing self defense. Unlike Judo or Wrestling, which mainly require partners, Kung Fu uses the forms for solo training. You can say, in form sparring, that you dance martially with your partner, or your friend, similar to two cats playing without hurting each other. That is the art of self control, and it teaches you how to express your martial skill.

Based on the body vocabulary, based on the diagram, whether broken or entire, you can use the form just like you use the language. Chinese have ancient and modern writing, and our martial movement is the same thing. When you learn the form, it’s very complicated and you have the entire body language or form right there, it’s called Kata. But, when you express to the art of fighting, spontaneously, you inject those forms into the combating application. So, fighting is considered simplified- you don’t use all of the fancy vocabulary which we use in the Kata, or Tao Lu (Kata and Tao Lu mean the same- form).
To sharpen the knife does not actually resemble how you apply the knife. When you ride a bike, you can enjoy the weather, listen to birds, and look at the women as they walk by. Appreciating the beauty. But, when you use the bike to race, it is very different. The same goes with the Kung Fu form. You can play it solo, meditative, or you can practice aggressively, pretending to be fighting with your spirit.
I love the art, just because as itself it is an entire vehicle of your body expression. The movement, it tells your feeling, and your emotion, and your fighting capability, and it helps your body respond in driving and daily activities such as climbing a ladder while fixing the chapel ceiling of a church. When I was a working artist, the Church provided me with an old clumsy ladder. Accidentally, I fell, but I landed down with my martial posture without spilling even a drop of paint on the alter, brush in hand.
I am very appreciative to have my body intact, and when I see handicapped people I just wish that I could help them with some kind of magical or spiritual healing. I wish to earn some spiritual healing degree to help others without charging them, but my life ended up teaching the Kung Fu art. Maybe, one day I will come back in another life as a healer, but for now, I teach martial art for balance, self confidence, and healing. Healing here I mean you have to be active in order to have your Qi flow together with your body conditioning. The process is very scientific, and it’s not similar to a mystic, mysterious, or shamanic healing. Very different.
It’s a beautiful night, and I really enjoy the weather in the United States. I think that Fall is my most favorite weather, though I have very severe allergies, the movement it helps. I love fall! Wish everybody a healthy season before the winter comes! Love it!
Secret teaching tonight, that’s all!

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