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14 May

Old and New Versions of the 5 Basic Hand Form

Taking advantage of a very small class tonight after the huge rain over the weekend, I love the weather, hot or cold, and I just came back from Vietnam so I was inspired by the Asian humidity to teach like I teach my own students in Vietnam the past couple of weeks! Always in my […]

19 Mar

Kung Fu Form and Fighting

Now that a snow storm is coming, I took advantage of the small class tonight to present my secret teaching for sparring techniques. Any move about the Kung Fu animal form has the purpose of training your body memory in order to express your response in any situation that you are confronted with. The form […]

16 Nov

Explosive Fighting Characteristics

Before Thanksgiving, and due to the weather changing, we had a small class and I taught a different style of teaching, training form sparring, to lead to the better practice of free sparring, although we have no intention to kill anybody. Our martial art is simply a vehicle, like the Yin/Yang, no good and no […]

15 Nov

Hard Internal Kung Fu in Ba Ví/ Tản Viên

Inheriting the mystic Kung Fu style from the Taoist / Buddhist system, along with the hybrid Shaolin White Crane in Vietnam — these are my professional skill. I love the cursive and flowing techniques, but coming to fighting, I love the hard internal. It’s good for the muscle conditioning, body cleaning, and chi kung. When […]

16 Oct

Secret Teaching on the Fall Evening

Tonight, taking advantage of the cool weather, so we had a cool class! The extreme, exotic, authentic, extremist, secretive teaching which you’ve never seen this century! If you miss one day, you miss a whole system! Just like you missed an earthquake.   First, we warmed up with the improvisation of the beginning forms. Second, […]

21 Sep

The Condensed and Extended Kung Fu Fighting Form

Every week, on Thursday night for the Kung Fu master who has so much to do at home, I limit my teaching to only three nights/week. The more I give out, students don’t come so what’s the point, and that’s why I limit my teaching for only three nights/week. It works out nicely because then […]

17 Aug

How a Kung Fu Master Trains

Kung Fu training cleanses the body which is just like cleaning the house every day to keep a fresh and clean environment in order to prevent the sickness. It also improves the health and longevity. For me, Kung Fu is my daily discipline just like taking care of the maintenance of my body like a […]

7 Aug

The Elements of Fighting Arts

Taking advantage of the weather and small class tonight, I decided to help some students get together for a group sparring practice. I pulled some practical techniques and extracted the fighting elements of the Chinese/Vietnamese Martial Art, which is very different than the sport sparring, but can applied there (but is very dangerous). The art […]

7 Jun

Why Is Kung Fu Focused On Forms?

Health and Body Conditioning Our school focused on forms for two reasons. First, for health, and second, for conditioning the body and sharpening our vocabulary of Kung Fu body language. Just like having a dictionary ready to back up any need you have, the forms practice backs us up any time we need it. By […]

16 Mar

The Hidden Aspects of Monkey Kung Fu

The snow is melting, and teacher is feeling mellow tonight, so he tried to melt everything into a melancholy rhythm, and the whole scenario became the monkey night! Also from the suggestion of some students that I conduct the monkey, so I showed the fancy and simplistic Dragon sparring form, which inspired into the Monkey […]