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7 Aug

The Elements of Fighting Arts

Taking advantage of the weather and small class tonight, I decided to help some students get together for a group sparring practice. I pulled some practical techniques and extracted the fighting elements of the Chinese/Vietnamese Martial Art, which is very different than the sport sparring, but can applied there (but is very dangerous). The art […]

7 Jun

Why Is Kung Fu Focused On Forms?

Health and Body Conditioning Our school focused on forms for two reasons. First, for health, and second, for conditioning the body and sharpening our vocabulary of Kung Fu body language. Just like having a dictionary ready to back up any need you have, the forms practice backs us up any time we need it. By […]

16 Mar

The Hidden Aspects of Monkey Kung Fu

The snow is melting, and teacher is feeling mellow tonight, so he tried to melt everything into a melancholy rhythm, and the whole scenario became the monkey night! Also from the suggestion of some students that I conduct the monkey, so I showed the fancy and simplistic Dragon sparring form, which inspired into the Monkey […]

13 Mar

Teacher’s Kung Fu Weapon Philosophy

When it comes to martial arts, I am an expert. I am not an expert in English writing, music, or dance, but when it comes to Kung Fu, I am the PhD. level! I am not bragging on my own behalf, but after 45 years of experience, just like a doctor can cure cancer, I […]

2 Mar

Hidden Elements of the Kick

Just taking advantage Sifu’s trip return from Vietnam, and as the weather is changing tomorrow (inspired by future working out in the snow), luckily anybody who came to class tonight’s small class was rewarded of the treasured teaching. Taking any movement, such as a punch or a kick, he can analyze and combine different elements […]

9 Jan

Miao Dao (Long Sword) in the Snow Storm

Miao Dao has always been my favorite weapon- the cross between the . The two-handed weapon in Chinese style is very different than Japanese Katana build. I love to hold the heavy end instead of the heavy blade because the gravity of the handle is near the dan tian, just like our staff form or […]


Double-Daggers In The Snow Storm!

Taking advantage of the first big snowstorm this year in Philadelphia, I tried to demonstrate the Spirit dagger form in the park to show that besides the empty-hand form, Spirit Kung Fu also includes many weapons. This is a demonstration of the double-dagger form to share with students overseas and in Vietnam, and also here, […]

29 Dec

Triumphant Revival of Mystic Kung Fu

Vỗ Tổ/Thần Quyền/ Thất Sơn Thần Quyền-Phật Quyền Here is an introduction to the Mystic Kungfu system, and a brief background of where the system is from. It’s mixed between the Chinese and the Hindu culture, and merged in the Seven Mountains region of Southern Vietnam. The movement might be different than some other modern […]

2 Sep

Hard Internal Kung Fu 七山神拳/五祖佛拳

Luyện công & Quyền pháp chiến đấu thượng thừa của dòng võ tâm linh Thất Sơn Thần Võ Đạo/ Thất Sơn Thần Quyền dòng thừa Shuilong Pan từ hải ngoại! Thanvodao or The Seven Mountains Spirit Martial art is not just merely an art of war. It’s a way of apprehending spiritual and physical balance […]

12 Aug

Soft and Hard Internal Kung Fu Form

  I attempted doing this video clip slower to show the moves & the chikung training, Luyện Công, partially as reference for our students. The lower half of my body was cut off completely for trademark purpose since people have imitated our system in some parts of the world. This is not the most perfect […]