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25 Jan

Martial Art Philadelphia Kung Fu Thesis Part 1

There have been many books and intellectual writings on most martial arts throughout the centuries. Many of these come in the form of training manuals, lineage based history, or concept theory. There are also many arts that have been passed solely through oral teachings and daily interaction with a Master. Today, there are only a […]

19 Jan

Lost Mystic Martial Art

Martial art is not merely body movement, but it is a body language, and it establishes an entire body-covering shield, similar to a layer of protection like a fruit with the outer skin. Like there are many languages in the world, there are many distinctions of martial arts and stylistic martial systems in Asia. It […]

14 Jan

Every Kung Fu School is Connected to the Spirit System

I have always been practical and active to prove this mystic jungle art whether people believe or not, just for myself to attain the practical appearance of its. During the time of persisting teaching, thought that time there was any existing about our system in the western society, but I was directly exposed to this […]

29 Dec

Martial Art Question – Historical Record of “Tai Chi Chuan”

“Tai Chi” is an ancient phrase describing the Supreme Ultimate. We have never heard of it being used as “Tai Chi Chuan” until the 20th century. If Tai Chi Chuan is as old as Zhang Sanfeng, it should be recorded in Chinese military and martial art record. I would like to see the original ancient […]


Ritual Dance Gave Birth to Martial Art in Ancient China

The first part of this article, found here, offers insight into the origin of the Kung Fu form (TaoLu) from the mystic dance. This follow-up on the subject offers a translation of a Singaporean web page named “Chinese Martial Art Was Passed Down By Divine Ritual, 中華武術是神傳文化.” After reading the first paragraph, it is is clear that that Seven Mountains Kung Fu is not […]

15 Dec

The Kung Fu Form: Tao Lu (Kung Fu) / Kata (Karate)

Mystic Kung Fu (Yu Bu 禹步): There is a legendary figure in Chinese history named DaYu, which means Yu the Great. He is most well known for saving China from constant flooding. It is not well known, however, that this king was a practitioner of shamanic art and ritual dance. He himself invented what could […]

11 Dec

Monkey Martial Art / Kung Fu

Monkey Martial Art The ancient Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu body-language is based upon the Wudao dance-like movement and is a practical capacity for acquiring the realistic martial art of self-defense. Learning the Kung Fu animal-forms (Kuen Fat/Chuan Fa/Kata/Quyền Pháp/Chuan Fa) isn’t enough, one should know how to apply it. But it’s truly and […]

17 Nov

New Philadelphia Headquarters

Master Phan standing proudly in front of his hard work!

Welcome To Our New Philadelphia Address: 990 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia, PA, 19123 Come Inside and See the New Studio Master Phan has worked diligently, night after night, to bring us a new, and more personal Seven Mountains Kung Fu studio. We are now located at 990 N. Marshall St in Philadelphia, PA! Fear not, […]

4 May

Martial Art of Than Vo Dao – Part II

Sifu Phan holding fists in fighting stance, upper body

MARTIAL ART OF SEVEN MOUNTAINS SPIRIT FIST PART II: INTERNAL AND SPIRITUAL MARTIAL ART INTERNAL CHI KUNG Breath and motion are always synchronized. Beginners will inhale with the beginning and exhale with the execution or finish of the movement. Later, for internal energy development (nui gong), one holds the breath during movements, which can injure the internal organs if […]

2 Mar

Martial Art of Than Vo Dao

Sifu Phan holding fists in fighting stance, upper body

  SEVEN MOUNTAINS SPIRIT FIST PART I: INTRODUCTION, HERITAGE, AND ELEMENTS INTRODUCTION TO THAN VO DAO Martial arts history, legend, and lore features not only heroes and rogues, but also warrior-monks sword to seek wholeness, healing, and balance. In today’s world, we rarely encounter such dramatic figures, but the search for spirituality and ethical standards, […]