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30 Dec

Animal Kung Fu Application

Martial Art Applications: The Palm Strike Seven Mountains Kung Fu uses the internal palm strike as a street self-defense with the sharp open palm-strikes, or using slapping semi-forcefully technique with phoenix fighting style based on the Thanvodao wudao, a cat-paw dance-like Kung Fu form, but entirely based on the basic martial techniques. It can be […]

14 Dec

The Throwing Martial Art

Monkey Kung Fu

The logic of Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu focuses on quick, close combat using the classic fighting form. Generally involving upper level fighting which may transition into ground combat level with free-handed techniques. Applied with a single strike, & single fist, & throwing devices practically is manifested into uncountable fighting ranges or plans. Though […]


Martial Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Martial Chi Kung refers to the use of energy fused with the animal (Kung Fu) fighting form. Kung Fu is made up of the physical, and the metaphysical (internal). Forms training can and does exist on its own. A martial artist who attains a great degree of physical skill can be said to have mastered […]

8 Dec

Kung Fu Fighting Philosophy

The Kung Fu Fighting Philosophy is very difficult to understand and analyze. By carefully refining martial art insight built upon traditional teaching attained through Chinese -Vietnamese Kung Fu knowledge, I particularized these 3 main levels in our system through a mystical martial study under a deep observation. To have a fuller & clearer interpretation of […]