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14 Dec

The Throwing Martial Art

Monkey Kung Fu

The logic of Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu focuses on quick, close combat using the classic fighting form. Generally involving upper level fighting which may transition into ground combat level with free-handed techniques. Applied with a single strike, & single fist, & throwing devices practically is manifested into uncountable fighting ranges or plans. Though It looks like a dance, it means more than that. We build multiple layers, like shields, of protective body movements around the main core of the Iron-Shirt chikung (鐵衫功; Thiet Giap Cong) preparation.

In our traditional martial art, there are various fighting forms which apply movements ranging from cursive to linear sets. These sets, which are learned by practicing the sparring techniques, aim at the dead points on the body but refrain from using any grabbing method. You must know your techniques are effective before you can apply them. If not, don’t bother using them since you may expose your vulnerable aspect to opponents.

Each culture has its own martial and wrestling or throwing martial art, but each art does not necessarily combine striking with wrestling. For instance, Shuai Jiao (摔跤)  is the Chinese classic wresting sport which does not allow strikes, and exists alongside other similar southeast Asian throwing styles. In contrast, Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu is a primitive and universal Indochinese martial art shaped throughout Southeast Asia’s history bloody wars and upheavals. The art focuses on animal fighting rather than wrestling, but enhances its animal Kung Fu combat with the prevalently needed empty-hand throwing technique to form an instantly effective system. Some believe that the art might have been absorbed from the northern cultures’ (Manchurians & Mongols) fighting arts and through much refinement has assimilated into an embryonic kungfu with deadly hidden single-strikes along with take-down techniques.


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